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Jun 08, 2024
2 min read

Draco - Cheat Detection using Bioinformatics

The start of my own path tracer, used for didactical purposes in implementing various PBR papers.

What is Draco?

In modern video games, cheating is a common problem. It can take many forms but for the remainder of this (and potential future) blog posts, we will focus on the following subcategories of cheating:

  • Movement Cheats - Cheats involving players moving in an unnatural way. Common examples are teleporting or phasing through walls.
  • Combat Cheats - Cheats that result in players having unfair combat advantages. A common example is aimbots.

There are far more subcategories of cheating, but they will be put aside for now. In the following blog posts, we will explore the concept of cheat detection in video games. Particularly, we will focus on the game Minecraft, and how we can use bioinformatics to detect cheats.

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